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In this report you'll discover exactly how to grow and automate
your website to make more money.

Want a Website that Sells?
Use the "Insider" Strategies Proven
to Increase Traffic To Your Site and Instantly Convert It Into Cash -
So You Make 5 to 10 Times
More Sales and Profits.


Become one of the handful of smart people to be "let in on" the time-tested, "insider" website profit tactics that work for both small and large businesses, which one Fortune 500 company used to make
over $10,000,000.

Insider Secrets to
Creating Web Sites That Sell

by Charlie Cook

Listen to Mike

"We've seen our leads jump from 10 a week to 150 a week. In the first month using Charlie's web marketing ideas we increased sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Highly recommended."
Mike Trowbridge, VP Marketing,, Wyndham Worldwide

Listen to Edward

"If a 33 year old surfer without a college education can build a million dollar business using Charlie's ideas... you can too! Before starting my business, the majority of my time was spent surfing and skateboarding. Since starting my business and applying Charlie's ideas we have grown at least 100% a year, are on track to grow 150% this year with 225% gains online and ontrack to be a million dollar a year biz in two years. Thanks Charlie!"
Edward Hennessey, President

"Worth every penny! If you think you are going to succeed on the internet on your own or by relying on your webmaster, you're wrong. You're going to need the help of a marketing expert and a strategy you can apply.
I found Creating Web Sites full of ideas I could use, from how to pick the name of my web site, to organizing the copy, to optimizing the site for the search engines. A must for developing and marketing any web site."
Roger Ferguson, President of AirLifeOne

From: Charlie Cook.
Thursday, 8.37 a.m.

Dear Reader,

Why is it that some online businesses are wildly profitable while most try everything possible and still struggle to attract clients, sales and profits? What if there was a way to convert ten to twenty times more website visitors into paying customers, how much more would you make? Wouldn't you want to know how?

You won't find opinion or theory here. This report is based on over ten years of research and outrageous success. Each idea in it has been tested and proven to generate leads and sales.

Who should you take advice from?

Now I know you'll find lots of people who claim you should buy their report on web marketing but how many of them actually made millions from their own sites or sold one of their first websites for close to a million.

In the late '90s I sold one my first web sites, one that cost me less than $2,000 out of pocket to build, for just under a million dollars. Since then I've been continuing to test new ideas and show my private clients how to make millions.

If you could read just one report on web marketing to show you how to transform your web site into a client and sales magnet, this is it. If you’d like to know a few simple, fast and inexpensive ways to make your website a huge success… this will show you how to do it. With this report you can finally get access to the hidden web marketing strategies that truly work.

If you are a…

  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner
  • Professional Service Provider
  • VP, Manager or Director of Marketing or Sales
  • Web Designer
  • In charge of online marketing…

you are about to find out two of the most powerful (and little known) website money-making secrets I have ever learned in my entire (20+ year) marketing career. I dare you to read it and not change the way you market your business on the Web.

Which of the following describe you?
I've worked long and hard on my site but it still isn't generating enough sales.
I'm just putting my first website up.. and I'd like to get it right the first time.
I want to grow my online business but I don't have time to waste on ideas that don't work. I want the best proven web marketing ideas and advice available.

If you checked any of the above, please read every word in this page very carefully. The information you are about to read has already made many companies, executives and “lone wolf” entrepreneurs very rich. It can do the same for you.

Milana"A must-read for every web site owner and webmaster. Everything you need to know about marketing online. Get it and get results from your online marketing plans. It is like an intensive course in website design, from writing compelling copy to optimizing your site for the search engines."
Milana Leshinsky, Executive Director & Editor, ACPOW

"It shows just what to do to design a website to generate profits. Charlie, Creating Web sites That Sell is awesome. Highly recommended. Use this report to improve your internet marketing plan and you are almost guaranteed to have a web site that's better than the competition."
John Waiveris, Web Designer, Invisible Gold

"Full of solid internet marketing tips and worth every penny! Charlie, with your well written report, I felt like I was in good hands. I used it as a constant reference companion to help me plan and build my web site."
Bill Howe, Strategic Marketing Group

And get this:

No matter if you’re a C.E.O. of a Fortune 500 company or a stay-at-home mom… no matter how little technical “talent” you have dealing with computers or the Internet… and… no matter how little money you have right now… you can apply the few secrets and little “twists” to your website(s) you’ll get in this article… and… see cash-in-the-bank results by…

Within A Few Days!

Suzanne"I earned an additional $1,000 from my website in the first week. The best material on web marketing to increase sales! Creating Web Sites that Sell is easy to read, understand and apply. Highly recommended."
Suzanne Falter-Barns,

What's most important to you?

Most web site owners and marketers care about one thing and one thing only. They want RESULTS. They want their website to generate leads, sales and repeat sales. I've seen clients and customers use these ideas, the ideas on this page and in the report to instantly increase web sales. Here are a couple of key ideas to apply.

The first BIG secret to having a hugely profitable website is this:

Sell Stuff That People Are
Already Spending Money Buying!

Believe it or not, those nine words will eliminate 85% of the “so-called” reasons a website is not making any money.

For your money-making purposes I’d like you to think of the Internet… as a giant virtual Yellow Pages that is also chocked full of other stuff that is of mere “curiosity value”.

For example, if you were to research the most commonly searched word phrases on the Internet, you would probably come up with words like: The Da Vinci Code, Britney Spears, American Idol, Janet Jackson, Mission Impossible III etc.

Now, although these kinds of word phrases represent those most often searched for on the Internet… it is important to remember that… mostly they represent what is currently “hot news,” or they merely satisfy people’s “gossip glands”.

What they do NOT represent is…

What People Want to Buy!

Let’s talk more about this idea of the Yellow Pages for a moment… and how it can help you make MONSTER website profits. 

Whenever somebody opens up the Yellow Pages and “let’s their fingers go a walking,” you can be sure of two things:

#1: They are looking for a solution that will help them solve a pressing problem in their life…and…

#2: They are ready and “primed” to buy something.

Question: Have you ever picked up the Yellow Pages to look for a Chiropractor? If so, I bet it was when you had back pain. Have you ever searched through the Yellow Pages for a car mechanic? If so, I bet it was when your car needed a repair or service. Have you ever gone to the Yellow Pages trying to locate a furniture store? If so, I bet you were in the mood to buy furniture.


The point is: When somebody types “back pain” into a search engine… it’s a pretty good bet that that person is…

Looking For A Solution To Help
Stop Their Back Pain!

Same when somebody types “car mechanic” into a search engine. It’s highly probable that they are trying to locate or do more research on a car mechanic that will (hopefully!) help them solve a pressing problem in their life. Namely: Fix or service their car.

So, that’s the first BIG secret to making HUGE website profits…

Sell Solutions That People Are
Willing To Pay to Have Solved!

And, remember this:

The more desperate a person is… the more money they’ll be willing to pay to solve their problem.

Take a person who has been falsely accused of a crime for which… if found guilty… will face the death penalty. Show that person a diamond encrusted ring. Show him a Ferrari Testarossa. Place before him a check for a million dollars. Do you think any of those things will hold but a fleeting interest to him? No way. He is consumed with…

How He Can Prove His

How much will he spend to prove his innocence? $100? $10,000? A few hundred thousand he has stashed away for a “rainy day”? Not even close. The real answer is…

Every Last Penny He’s Got…
… Every Last Penny He Can
Get His Hands On!

So, let’s recap:

Start thinking about your product or service as a solution to your prospects problem.

Ready to get the solution to improving your web sales?

Okay, let’s move on.

Here’s the second BIG secret to making huge website profits:

Unlike the Yellow Pages, when somebody boots up their computer and goes online they are (for the most part) looking for information.

They are not eagerly holding their credit card, itching to punch in their credit card number to buy whatever you’re selling.

No. They are not yet in the “buying mode”.

So, to move a website visitor from information seeker to paying customer, you need first prove that you are…

An Authority On What You Are
Talking About!

And the way you convey to the reader that you are indeed an authority on the subject matter your website happens to be about… is… to post on your website…

A “Free Report”!

Your free report (a “disguised” sales message) should give away really valuable information that teaches a prospect something he/she really needs to know to solve whatever problem they are looking to solve. In other words…

Have Something Unique And
Newsworthy To Say That
Positions You As An Expert
In The Mind Of The Reader!

Then, once you have built credibility and developed trust with the “for real” content of your website free report… you should then elegantly transition into a full on hard-hitting sales “pitch” for your product or service.

For example, maybe you are promoting a natural herb from your website that has been proven to lower cholesterol. And whilst you may give away a lot of really useful info about how and why the herb is so effective at lowering cholesterol… you could deliberately leave it ambiguous as to which exact brand/dosage of herb works best and let the reader know that… as far as getting hold of this herb cheaply…  you are …

The Obvious Solution!

In other words “teach” the visitor to your site exactly what they need to do to solve the problem they are experiencing – but – “sell” them how to do it.

Once you’ve positioned yourself as the obvious solution it is very hard for a prospect to buy from anywhere else.

You don’t want your website to be nothing but a blatant sales pitch. That’ll turn people off right away.

Instead, “creep up” on the sale. Let the visitor to your site get comfortable with who you are… the information you have to share… and then… when you offer your product or service for sale…

The Visitor To Your Site Will Feel
Good About Making A Smart
Buying Decision!

They haven’t been sold; they’ve chosen to buy. 

A subtle but very powerful (and profitable) difference.

Actually, there’s a “hidden benefit” to giving away unique, newsworthy information on your website.

Let me explain:

If your website contains “for real” useful and helpful information… and it communicates that info in simple, easy-to-understand English… in a way that no other website does; guess what?

It is possible (and very probable) that the people who visit your website will be so “impacted” by the info posted on your site that they’ll feel compelled…

To Tell Other People About It!

Which means your site will be getting word-of-mouth publicity. Not only is this word-of-mouth publicity free… but also… once just a few people read your site…

The Word-Of-Mouth Promotion
Can Start Breeding Like Rabbits!

Actually, there is also another “hidden” benefit (to you) for posting a unique, newsworthy content on your website.


 Listen to Sunil
"I've increased sales of my products by at least 3 times since starting a month ago with your strategies, and this trend seems to be exponential right now. I have also gotten great feedback from other e-marketing experts on my internet presence. I highly recommend Charlie!"

Sunil Bhaskaran,

Ready to Get Started? Get The Details >>

Once a few people have become “turned on” to your site… and start telling other people about it… and those “referrals” do likewise… all of a sudden… it’s probably– (because your site is attracting so many visitors and is “linked” to so many other websites, ezines etc.,) – that…

Your Website Will Appear At
(Or Near) The Top Of Search
Engines… Even Though You’ve
Never Spent Any Money Or,
Actively Done Any Search Engine

Crafty! Are there more secrets you need to know about making HUGE website profits?

You betcha!

Discover all the web marketing secrets you need to be successful online.

Interested? Find Out More >>

So far, I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I know about how to dramatically increase the profitability of a website. And, if you read the rest of this page, you too will learn about my other “insider” web profit secrets…  that… (if you choose to apply them)… will mean you’ll immediately attract more “in heat” prospects to your website… convert more visitors’ to cash paying customers… and… quite possibly…

Make So Much More Money
From Your Website… You’ll
Swear It’s Immoral!

Why should you believe me?

Because I've helped so many others be successful. Check out a few of the real-life testimonials on this page. What is important is this - I put up my first website back in 1996… and … not only did I not make any money…

I Also Lost A Lot Of Money!

But, like I say, that was my first ever website. Who can blame me? After all, I didn’t know anything about how to make money from a website at first.

I guess that all changed for me pretty soon… because… even though people close to me thought I was nuts and a “dreamer” for trying to make money online… Well I persisted and I put up another website… and that one was just a tad more successful. Actually, it was more that just a tad more successful. It was an outrageous money-machine!

I ended up selling it for…

Just Shy Of $1,000,000!

Nearly one million smackeroos!

And that was back in 2000? That’s like the “dark ages” in “Internet years”.

As you can imagine I’ve learned quite a few more secrets to making HUGE website profits along the way. Web profit secrets that will not only solve all your money problems… but… with a little application and common sense… can… very easily

Set You Up Financially For Life!

You see, I have decided to reveal all my website profit secrets in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand report called the Insider Secrets to Creating Websites That Sell.

How powerful are the secrets revealed in this report?

"It has given me everything I need to know to plan and market my web site on my own. Normally you'd have to pay over ten thousand dollars a year to have someone else plan and market your site and there's no guarantee it would sell anything. Instead, I bought Charlie's Creating Web Sites that Sell and it is already saving me money. Every web entrepreneur should own a copy!"
Susan Robichaud, VisualImages

Check this out: One division of a Fortune 500 company applied the ideas in my report… and… generated an additional three hundred thousand dollars in sales…

In Just One Month!

But, don’t get the idea that you have to be a Fortune 500 company to benefit from the web profit secrets in in my web marketing report.

You don’t. Not even close.

Interested? Claim Your Copy Now >>

Listen to Alejandra
"Your book helped me turn my web site into a selling tool. I own a chocolate company and I'm a graphic designer. Before I found your book, marketing was like Chinese to me, even though I've read a lot of different books.
With your book everything was easy to understand and easy to apply. When I made the changes you suggested I got more prospects and more orders. The best book on web site marketing available!"

Alejandra Bigai, Romanicos Chocolate

"An excellent resource for growing my web business. It is easy to read, very informative and easy to apply. I reach for it regularly. I’m using your template for my site and the ideas in your report to keep my online marketing on track. Creating Web Sites that Sell is a great value for the money!"
Donna L. Funderburke, Inspirational Art Sales

Click Here to Get It Now >>

The information is perfect for the service professional; the corporate V.P. of marketing; the small business owner… all the way through to the “kitchen table entrepreneur”.

However, in truth, not everyone is ready for the information I have to share. 

Sure, anyone can use the information contained in my report to multiply their website profits. But… frankly… it’s been my experience that some people are happy enough to keep “spinning their wheels”… or… trudge along in the slow lane when it comes to promoting and making sales from their website(s).

I hope that’s not you.

I guess only you can answer that. So to help you decide if you are ready for the information I have to share… and you want to use my report the Insider Secrets to Creating Websites That Sell, to start making a lot more money from your website(s)… here a few of the secrets it contains:

  • Why you must become a “sales detective” if you want to make MAXIMUM money from your website.  
  • The “secret selling ingredient” that can almost instantly increase your website profits by up to 2,200%
  • A sure fire way to multiply sales from your website – no matter what “type” of product or service you're selling!
  • The one “type” of product you should NEVER try to sell from your website if you want to still be in business this time next year!
  • How to overcome the single biggest obstacle that stops people from buying from you – eliminate this and be prepared for an explosion of sales activity!
  • How to get other people to do your selling legwork – and boost your sales by 50% or more!
  • How to clinch the sale from the “jaws of rejection”… and…
    increase your sales by as much as 30%!

  • Why the layout of your web site… and… the sales message posted on it should be “invisible” to the reader – this little-known secret can increase the readership of your site by up to 500% (Be one of the elite 0.01% of people online to be let in on this jealously guarded sales secret)!
  • Why you must never confuse a visitor to your website – and how to make sure you never do!
  • What really goes on in the mind of a visitor to your website – If you don't understand how people subconsciously react… you are thieving yourself out of the money you could be making!
  • Exactly how your web site should “look”… and… “feel” for MAXIMUM sales!
  • A stupid… and costly… mistake most giant corporations make with their website – and how to ensure you never make it (must-have know-how, unless you've got the budget of IBM)!
  • How to improve the “readability” of your web site with a neat little trick not taught in any “conventional” school or college!
  • The "leaking bucket" principle that is robbing you of the Internet profits you should be making!
  • How to use colors to use to sell more of your product!
  • Which fonts to use on your website for MAXIMUM response!
  • Why 65% to 75% of visitors go "AWOL" from your online order page!
  • How to make the visitor to your site feel as though they can "reach out and touch you" - this is a MAJOR secret to bumping up your order conversion ratio (it's so easy, but hardly anyone does it right!).
  • How to as much as triple your order conversion ratio with a few simple changes to your website order page… that will take less than 20 minutes to implement!
  • How to get the implied endorsement of major, well-known, well-respected companies for your web site offer - this will significantly increase your "trust value" and hence your orders!
  • How to "recapture" the sale from a visitor who abandons your website order page - and make them feel good about it!
  • How to position yourself as “the only game in town” in the mind of a visitor to your site – once you “crack” this secret… visitors to your site will be afraid to buy from anywhere else!
  • What to put above the “fold” on your website that almost guarantees a visitor will give your web site their “laser focused” attention… and… eagerly go wherever you want to lead them – even all the way to the shopping cart!
  • Why the smartest, richest and most successful website owners think of their website as “digital real estate”… and why you must too!
  • How to build web pages that sell like crazy! Even if your competition is currently “eating your lunch”!
  • How to attract only “highly qualified” people to your website – not all “clicks” are created equal… and only the richest marketers’ online know this secret. Now you will too!
  • The most valuable “asset” you must get from every visitor to your site – no, it’s not their money!
  • How to get prospects to tell you exactly what to sell them… and make them feel like they are doing you a favor!
  • How to outsmart the Search Engines and “leapfrog” the search engine rankings!
  • How to employ “remote control salesmen” online that “multiply like rabbits” and work for you relentlessly 24/7 – this has got to be the BIGGEST secret to making your website “action central”!
  • Exactly how and where to spend your online advertising dollars!

And a whole lot more. As well as a few website profit making secrets.

Nobody Else Knows About!

You'll discover the simple strategies for:
1. Getting Traffic to Your Site
2. Converting Visitors Into Qualified Leads
3. Getting Prospects to Trust You
4. Crafting Compelling Offers
5. Closing the Sale
6. Using Simple Systems to Automate Your Online Profit Center

Do you want to know how to do all of this?

IN THIS REPORT: You'll discover the proven way to create, promote, grow and automate your internet marketing so your online business makes money for you 24/7. You'll find out:

•  How to get more people to your web site.
•  A surefire way to get more people to trust you and buy from you.
•  A simple way to convert 4 to 40 times as many site visitors into buyers.
•  What to do to transform your existing website into a profit-center.
  IMPORTANT: The ideas in this report deliver REAL RESULTS. See for yourself when you put them to use.
Plus, You'll Get...
•  Bonus Report #1: My Personal Checklist of Million Dollar Website Ideas ($28.00 value... yours FREE)
- What every successful sites needs to sell
- The secret to generating sales
- How to sequence your page content so it sells
•  Bonus Report #2: The 5 Most Effective Ways to Flood Your Site With Traffic ($90.95 value... yours FREE)
- How to get a top listing in the search engines
- Using articles to pull in thousands of buyers
- Making more sales with your blog
- Which online videos tactics increase sales
- 8 ways to win with Google PPC ads
•  Bonus Report #3: Building a Massive List of Prospects and Buyers ($46.00 value... yours FREE)
- How to mine the web for gold
- Using squeeze pages and forms to build your list
- The dos and don'ts to effective sqeeze pages
- How to follow up with prospects
- Which list building mistakes to avoid
•  Bonus Report #4: Using Email to Skyrocket Sales
($59.00 value... yours FREE)
- How to get your subscription forms filled in
- What you need to do to maximize confirmations
- How to make sure your email is delivered
- The secret to getting your emails opened and read
- What to write in your emails to trigger sales
•  Bonus Report #5: Converting Visitors to Buyers
($87.00 value... yours FREE)
- The secret to closing the sale with your website
- How much to give away
- What to do to create offers your prospects can't refuse
- Where and how to use testimonials
- Which guarantees sell
- How to upsell, downsell, cross-sell and next sell
- What to include in your shopping cart header
- The two follow up tricks that add another 50% in profits
- Find out how your site scores with this checklist
•  Bonus Report #6: The Most Powerful SEO Strategies
(worth $97... yours FREE)
- Exclusive one time TeleClass reveals how to get on the first page in Google. Yours on this bonus audio cd.

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Here's how to instantly find out how to ramp up your sales.

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Han"Like a pilot's check list. Amidst the b****hit of self congratulatory marketing people you will find on the internet, Mr. Cook is a welcome breath of fresh air ... His book on web site marketing is very clear. Now I know what I have to do to move my business forward."

Han van de Braak,

"A valuable time saver full of practical marketing ideas. I used Creating Web Sites that Sell to create my web marketing strategy, write and build my site. I didn’t know where to start and it helped me get up to speed quickly. Highly recommended to anyone marketing online."
Laura Gurreau, Primetime Coach

Peter"Charlie, you helped me put my site at the top of Google. Just by applying your easy to follow web site marketing suggestions, I've moved my site to the top of the search listings, resulting in tons of traffic."
Peter Keelty,

Is it really that easy?

Yes, when you know what to do and how to do it, you too can create a website or transform your existing one into a profit center.

Anyway, I hope you and I are very similar people. People who are forever seeking ways to maximize and leverage the profit potential of our website(s).  If so, and if you act right now, I would like to send you my report, the Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell , for you to…

Read And Apply All
The Information Risk-Free For
One Year!

Want to see immediate results?

Here’s the deal: 

Even though I regularly get paid $15,000 and upwards to provide advice to Fortune 500 companies – including AETNA, AT&T, Cendent, GTE, and Pitney Bowes etc. - the only requirement for you to get my proprietary web profit secrets is to claim the report, the Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell, for a small “good faith” deposit. Just to prove you are serious about making BIG money from your website - (just as everybody else has whose already used the information). And, your money is safe with me… because…

You'll be protected by my three-part guarantee

Like all of my marketing books, this one is packed full of ideas you can immediately put to use and pay back your investment within days. I know you’ll quickly see what a great investment you’ve made in yourself and your future.

My reputation is at stake with each copy of the Insider Secrets to Creating Websites That Sell, to make your buying decision a no-brainer here's my Three Part No Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

Three-Part Guarantee

100% Return On Investment

My usual 30 day unconditional money back guarantee has been extended to 365 days for this report. That way you’ll have plenty of time to dive in and thoroughly check out the website profit secrets my report contains. And, if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not “blown away” by its contents, simply write to me at my address below… and… I’ll send you a full and fast refund on every dime you paid. No excuse needed. No questions or hassles.

Best in Field Guarantee

We guarantee this is the best course / report on how to increase the effectiveness of your web site and help you increase your online sales and profits available. If you find a better one, just send us the order confirmation from the course you purchased, return the product and you'll get a full refund.

Charlie's-Out-Of-His-Mind Unbeatable Guarantee

If you don't more than triple the cost of your investment in one year, I'll refund you your money and pay you $400 out of my own pocket. That's right. If you apply these strategies, and the put the tactics I'll show you in your personal site makeover session to use, I personally guarantee that you'll more than triple your investment within the year.

I'm giving you hundreds of ideas you can put to use right away and it should be simple for you to triple the cost of your investment.

My report either delivers on everything I’ve told you about on this website… or… it’s your’s to keep… for free!

Yes, I'll send you a 100% refund and $400 check.

Just send me your website address and proof that you tried at least 5 out of the 100s of ideas in the course, as well as proof of the results you achieved showing the gain in sales (or lack thereof) and I'll refund your purchase price in full and pay you $400 and you get to keep the report.

If you don't completely agree that this course and the ideas in it are worth thousands of dollars in potential profits, or if you just decide not to use it at all... you can return it at any time and get a full refund or the purchase price.

This guarantee is written for the 99.5% of people who are honest, but wisely skeptical -- not for the one or two people who will try to take advantage of it to get the course without paying.

How can we offer an incredible 3 part guarantee like this? The ideas and strategies in it are so good that only a few people have ever taken advantage of it.

As you can see in our testimonials, most people see their profits grow so fast when they start applying these strategies they are delighted and wouldn't send back the course if you paid them thousands of dollars.

You may have looked at other internet marketing courses that offer a guarantee. Some even include a "100% money-back guarantee". But so what? You're still taking the risk when you place your order. When you purchase the Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell, I'm the one taking the risk. If it doesn't deliver, I'm the one who ends up out-of-pocket, not you.

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"Full of excellent advice and good examples! I'd recommend Creating Web Sites that Sell to any entrepreneur who wants to improve their internet marketing strategy."
Jeff Smith, Venexus

"Chock full of helpful and easy-to-implement online marketing strategies and ideas you can use. All which will help you use your web site to make more money."
Michael Angier, President, SuccessNet

"Outstanding! Includes lots of ideas I’d never thought of. Creating Web Sites that Sell helped me focus my web marketing plans to sell more. It’s easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply right away. I’d recommend it to anyone with a web site who wants to increase sales."
Marcella Stockin, Cookbook Author

You don’t risk a penny at any time. And…

It’s Dead Easy To Claim Your
Own Copy Of The Report:

The Insider Secrets to Creating Websites That Sell

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It's best to request your copy now while it’s still fresh on your mind. Otherwise, our records show that those who put off claiming their copy of my report are, in almost all cases, still struggling to make decent website profits a year down the line.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

So, once again, here’s the “request now” link you need to click on right away:

Interested? Click Here >>

Okay, that’s it.

Thank you for your courtesy of reading this message. I sincerely hope you have found it helpful and you’ll let me help you even further as a “mentor in print” via my report.

Let’s profit together!

Charlie Cook

P.S. I’ve got a few “treats” I’m giving away for free for those who order today.  These five reports will make the info contained in my report at least 10 times more valuable. And you'll get a personal review of your site with me over the phone. But, you must act today. Any day now I’m considering selling each of these reports for as much as $97 each. That’s hundreds of dollars worth of information I’m throwing in absolutely free with these four “killer” bonus reports.

P.P.S Remember that you get The Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell to put to use to grow your business and the 6 bonuses... but only if you take action and claim your copy now. So, hurry -- time is ticking! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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"I found tons of ideas I could use to improve my own online lead generation as well as make my clients' sites more profitable. I strongly recommend that every web designer and copywriter or, for that matter, anyone who wants to improve their web site marketing read Creating Web Sites that Sell.
Diane Varner, Web Designer, DVImagery

Bio Of Charlie Cook:

Charlie has been involved in web marketing and building web sites since 1996. During the formative years of the internet, he wrote one of the early guides to online marketing and search engine placement.

In 2000 Charlie built a site that ranked and reviewed search engines. He attracted over 150,000 visitors per month to the site in less than a year and then sold it to ZDNet, the largest technology content provider on the internet. His return was substantial, well over 350 times my out-of-pocket investment.

Charlie’s reference web site “” was featured on National Public Radio, in “Fast Company” magazine, as well as in “USA Today” and was ranked in the top 100 web sites by “PC Magazine.” Recently his marketing blog was featured in the Wall Street Journal's only small business site, StartUp Journal.

Charlie’s articles have been widely published in both online and print publications and he’s a regular columnist for "Sales and Service Excellence", "Money n' Profits" magazines and his marketing tips appear regularly in "BusinessWeek Online". Thousands of copies of his training manuals have been bought and used by executives, managers and trainers at hundreds of companies including Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing.

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