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The Ultimate
Marketing System

Everything I Offer On My Site And MORE! Save $4,330.30!!!
includes My Exclusive VIP Client Bonuses!


Dear Friend,

Last week George wrote me from San Jose CA in response to an email about one of my individual Insider Secrets marketing books. He wrote me to say, "I don't want just one of your Insider Marketing Secrets, but ALL, of your Insider Marketing Secrets.

He Purchased EVERYTHING On Marketing and Sales
From This Site!

That's right. Instead of picking up one idea at a time, and buying one marketing tool, he bought the whole Insider Secrets Marketing system at once. Why would anyone do that, buy everything at once instead of getting each tool as they needed it?

Let me ask you a question. What is your marketing supposed to do?

It's supposed to help you move your business forward so you can achieve your life's dreams and reach your goals. Right? It should function like a well-tuned car, smoothly accelerating your profits.

Speaking of cars - when you bought your last car, you were looking for something you could count on to get you where you wanted to go. So did you buy it one piece at a time? Did you buy the tires, then the engine, then the gas tank and gradually fit it together?

Of course not! No one buys a car one piece at a time. You pay the full price and get the electrical and mechanical systems you need in one package. You pay the full price because don't just want part of car, you want it all.

Once You Decide On The Brand You Go For
The Whole Package!

Want your business to take off, to truly succeed? You could just work on your marketing one piece at a time, or you could do what George did and get the entire system at once.

What do you want to do with your business?

Are you dead serious about about being an outrageous success? If so then you'll want all the marketing and sales tools you need to be smarter and faster than your competitors. If this sounds like you, then you'll want to grab everything I have on this site and get your business going.

I'm not bragging here, but when it comes to knowing what actually works to pull in prospects like crazy and convert them to buyers, again and again, online and off, I've got it nailed and you won't want to pass this offer by. So what's in it, what am I calling...

The Ultimate Marketing System

You'll get:

The Ultimate Marketing System
The Insider Secrets to 15 Second Marketing
in print with 2 audio cds
includes the following 5 bonuses:
My Personal List of Power Keywords
Million Dollar Top Marketing Tips
Your Success Rolodex
15 Second Networking
One-on-One Copywriting Help by Email
The Insider Secrets to
Attracting More & Better Customers

Click here for more details >>
- includes the following 5 bonus reports -
4 Simple Steps to Writing Your Marketing Plan
The Ultimate Marketing Checklist
Marketing Secrets Teleseminar - transcript
What Motivates Prospects To Buy
10 Steps to Put Your Marketing Plan into Action
The Insider Secrets to
Creating Web Sites That Sell

Click here for more details >>
- includes the following 6 bonuses -
My Checklist of Million Dollar Website Ideas
The 5 Most Effective Ways to Flood Your Site With Traffic
How to Build a Massive List of Prospects and Buyers
Proven Ways to Use Email to Skyrocket Sales
The Secret to Converting Visitors to Buyers
PLUS You'll Get A One Hour Personal Website Review
The Insider Secrets to
Eliminating Obstacles to Sales

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- includes the following 4 bonuses -
25 Ways to Get More Return Calls
The Secret to Getting the Clients You Want
How to Sell More With Your Meetings
Half-Hour Personal Coaching on Closing More Sales
The Insider Secrets to
Writing Copy That Sells

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- includes the following 7 bonuses -
The "Make-It-Easy" Pre-Write Checklist
Power Words That Sell
Killer Headlines That Make The Sale
Four of the Best Sales Letters Ever Written
How to Write Instant Cash Copy - Teleseminar with Dan Lok
22 Hot Buttons That Get People To Buy
30-Minute Phone Consultation on Your Copy with Charlie
Grand Total Value of "The Ultimate Insider Secrets to Marketing"
Your Investment When You Purchase These Together Is ONLY Today

That's quite a discount but since I know you really want the "Ultimate" business I'll throw in something truly special.

What could I do to top the above offer? How about:

Amazing FREE Bonus
Charlie Cook Mentoring Program Discount
($1,000.00 Value)

If you're truly serious about growing your business and apply for my marketing and sales mentoring program - and you are accepted - I'll give you a credit of $1,000.00 towards the cost of the 1 year mentoring program. Yes, if you qualify to be mentored by me you'll pay $1,000.00 less than you would normally pay!

That's a TOTAL Value of $5,517.30 Order today and you pay...

Only $997!

YOU SAVE $3,520.30 which is a savings of more than 80%.

No matter how you do the math, its an incredible deal, the ultimate one I've ever offered. So are you ready to get started? All you need to do is...

Interested? Claim Your Copy Now >>

Claim your copy by clicking the link above. I dare you to use these insider marketing and sales secrets and not make way more money than you are now, online and off.

It may be the best decision you'll ever make.

Before you go, let me tell you a story about a friend. He likes to take photos but he's also trying to get his cameras cheap. In the last three years he's succeeded in getting low-cost digital cameras, often brands I'd never heard of. When I talked to him last week, every one of his cameras had stopped working and altogether he's spent way more than if he just gotten a really good digital camera to start with.

The same applies to marketing advice. You get what you pay for. If you want top advice, it's going to cost you, but the pay off is you'll get answers that will take your business to the top. Isn't that what you want?

Your decision. Make the right one.

Interested? Grab The
Ultimate Marketing System >>

Helping You Be More Successful,

Charlie Cook

P.S. When you find someone you can trust who can help you, you should grab every idea they have to offer.

P.P.S. Do you already own one or more of the courses included in the Ultimate Marketing System? Simply e-mail with your order id # or the email you used to order and we'll give you a special "repeat customer" discount.

P.P.P.S. Can it get any better? I'll pay the shipping costs out of my own pocket and ship the Ultimate Marketing System to you for FREE.

Click Here To
Get The Ultimate Marketing System >>


"Our referrals are rolling in. Charlie was the best investment I ever made."

Craig Nash
Progressive Rehab

"Our business has skyrocketed since we first started working with Charlie on our web site marketing. Money well spent!"

Mike Trowbridge
VP Marketing
Fairfield Resorts

"We watched our leads triple in the space of one month with Charlie's suggestions."

Tracy Sabattis
SEO Manager
Mannix Marketing

"In the last 21 days I've gotten as many clients as I did in the last six months."
Denise Annunciata

"Within three weeks, we added nine new clients and increased our income by $180,000 for the year."

Jose Lopez

"My small business has grown by 50% in the last two months. I've had to add two more trucks to handle all the new business."
Donald Monroe
Monroe's Plumbing

"I've gotten more business in a month than I anticipated getting in the whole year."

Jodi Salisbury
Graphic Designer

"I love your marketing books ... my favorite being 'Creating Web Sites that Sell'. I used to see marketing as a puzzle; now all the pieces are falling into place.

Your book has helped me be more productive and get many more clients. Highly recommended."
Susan Robichaud, Visual Communications Inc.

"One of the best investments I ever made in my business ... Your marketing tools absolutely improved my marketing!

Dionne Carver, Owner, Accounting Firm

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