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A. Answers About Placing Your Order
- Format
- Downloading documents
- Printing Documents

- Shipping fees
- Sales tax
- Phone orders
- Methods of payment
- 100% satisfaction guarantee

B. Answers For Affiliates
- Affiliate program
- Commissions paid
- Becoming an affiliate

C. Answers About Article Publication and Reuse
- Linking to articles
- Publication of articles

D. Answers About Who We Are

Answers About Placing Your Order

1. What format are the tools? - Some of the manuals can be downloaded immediately in PDF format upon completion of your order. Check the individual product page to see if this option is available. If you have problems printing a document try updating your free Adobe Reader Software >>

Note, your download link is only live for 24 hours from when you place your order. Use it promptly to download your purchase.

2. What happens if you forget to download your purchase or lose the confirmation email? Simply contact Customer Service by email and we'll send you the download link again.

You can order directly from the store web site at:

3. Do you pay shipping fees? - No shipping fees are charged for eBooks. You do pay shipping fees for physcial products ordered.

4. Do you pay sales tax? - No sales tax is charged on purchases unless you live in Connecticut, our home state in which case you'll be charged 6% sales tax.

5. Can you place your order over the phone? - You are welcome to call 1-800-795-1858 to place your order.

6. How can you pay? - We accept, Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards or you can pay by check or money order. To pay by check or money order, make it out to In Mind Communications, LLC and mail it to:

Charlie Cook
In Mind Communications, LLC
Old Greenwich, CT

Make sure to include your: Name, Address, Work Phone, Email Address and the eManuals you want.

7. What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee and returns policy? If you're not happy can you get your money back?
Of course! If after putting the marketing tools you purchased to the test for a full 90-days you don't feel you got your moneys worth or that the marketing techniques that have made so many others rich don't work for you, I'll give you a refund, no questions asked.

If you’re not satisfied with a manual or handbook contact me at the following address after 30 days (give yourself time to read it and apply it) and within 90 days, and you’ll get an immediate refund. Of course you'll need to return the product in "as new" condition". Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you purchased a manual in pdf format please erase it from your computer’s hard drive and destroy all printed copies. If you ordered a manual and or cds that was shipped to you, please return them. When you’ve erased all files and or the item you ordered has been received along with a signed letter indicating you have eliminated all electronic and printed copies, your refund will be immediatley processed.

Send all refund requests to:

In Mind Communications LLC
c/o 4610 Prime Parkway
McHenry, IL 60050

Answers For Affiliates

1. Do we have an affiliate program - Yes we do have an affiliate program. You can find a full description of it at

2. Do we pay commissions? - We pay 35% commission for any sales of MarketingForSuccess marketing tools and manuals.

3. Can you become an affiliate? - Here's the link to our affiliate application. Note that all applications are reviewed. To be accepted you must have a permission-based email list or another way of attracting prospects. Use this link to be considered as an affiliate >

Answers About Article Use

1. Can you link to articles on - Yes you may link to any of the small business marketing articles at

2. Can you republish articles from - Individual articles are available for republication but full attribution must be provided per the following guidelines.

Answers About Who We Are

1. MarketingForSuccess provides marketing tools, mentoring and advice. You wouldn't build a house without a plan yet most people try to market their business without one. We supply you with proven marketing tools and advice that helps you implement a marketing plan to attract more clients. You can read more with this link >.

2. Our Sites - This site and the following sites are all owned by In Mind Communications, LLC

- MarketingForSuccess - Our primary content site where you can sign up to get the free marketing guide and free 'More Business' marketing newsletter. Includes hundreds of articles on advertising, marketing and sales.

- MarketingForSuccessStore - Where you can purchase eBooks, reports and marketing tools to show you exactly what to do to grow your business.

- 15SecondMarketing - Where you can find our best selling marketing tool applicable to any product or service and any industry.

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