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15 second 5principles

Get All 4 Insider Marketing Secrets with the Ultimate Marketing System!

Discover how to market your business online and offline. Get the tools you need to attract more clients, close more sales and be more successful with the Ultimate Marketing System. Offered for a limited time only.

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eManual - Creating a brilliant marketing message and elevator speech.

Marketing Messages
Discover the secret to getting a flood of attention and sales with your marketing messages

Stop being invisible! Find out the fastest way to get attention and increase your sales with your marketing messages and elevator speeches. You'll find yourself getting 4 times the response or better for your small business.

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eManual - Creating Web Sites that Sell.

New! Ultimate Web Marketing
The first practical roadmap to increasing lead generation and web sales by 200% to 1000%

Finally, the first practical program for internet success ... 100% Guaranteed no matter what product or service you sell. You'll discover the keys to successful internet marketing, how to set up your web site for sales and how to get all the traffic you can handle.

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eManual - The 5 Principles  of Highly Effective Marketing.

Marketing Plan System
Attract more clients, sell more products and services and be more successful with less effort

Ready to stop working so hard on marketing and to start attracting more business? When you use this simple and reliable system you'll find yourself selling a lot more products and services.

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How to Sell
How to close more sales in a month than you now close in year... without working harder, without cold-calling, without rejection

Within a few days you could be using these marketing and selling secrets to melt prospect's resistance and sell them more of your products and services.

Discover how to get all the revenue you've been missing > >

Improve your marketing with this small business marketing plan guide.

Business Networking
Want to add thousands of people to your personal 24/7 sales force without spending a dime?

You could be building your business network one person at a time or you could use this simple formula to grow your referral network by tens of thousands of people practically overnight.

Discover the easiest way to make it rain referrals>

eManual - Get free publicity with your articles.

Free Publicity
How to get TONS more prospects to contact you ... without spending a penny on advertising

It's like having a Fortune 500 advertising campaign that brings in world class amounts of business but without the cost. Do you want hundreds of thousands of people to think of you when they need a solution?

Find out how to get slightly famous and
a lot more business >

eManual - Managing better client meetings.

Marketing Meetings
Increase your profits with meetings by following these simple steps ...

Discover the meeting techniques that can help you close more sales and get more done. You'll convert more prospects to clients and reach your meeting goals. Find out how to get more done and make more money with your meetings.

Improve your meeting results and your profits >

eManual -  Marketing For Success articles.

Marketing Strategy
Which are the most powerful marketing strategies and techniques to use to grow your business?

Discover the formula for success with this collection of Charlie's most popular marketing articles.

Get your copy and get better results from your marketing >

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"Our referrals are rolling in."

Craig Nash
Progressive Rehab

"Our business has skyrocketed!"

Mike Trowbridge
VP Marketing
Fairfield Resorts

"We watched our leads triple in the space of one month with Charlie's suggestions."

Tracy Sabattis
SEO Manager
Mannix Marketing

"In the last 21 days I've gotten as many clients as I did in the last six months."
Denise Annunciata

"Within three weeks, we added nine new clients and increased our income by $180,000 for the year."

Jose Lopez

"My small business has grown by 50% in the last two months."
Donald Monroe
Monroe's Plumbing

"I've gotten more business in a month than I anticipated getting in the whole year."

Jodi Salisbury
Graphic Designer

"I love your marketing books."
Susan Robichaud, Visual Communications Inc.

"One of the best investments I ever made in my business."

Dionne Carver, Owner, Accounting Firm

"I am thrilled with the marketing tools I ordered! "
Dave Eller,
House Guy, Inc.

"I would like to tell you that you are a GENIUS!"
Edan Kaufman Toronto

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