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How to Get TONS More Prospects to Contact You ... Without Spending A Dime on Advertising

Opening Doors

Want more attention for free to grow your business? Discover how you can:

  • Get free publicity,
  • Attract attention
  • Increase web traffic,
  • Pull in prospects,
  • Become slightly famous,
  • And increase your profits.

What you need to know about writing and distributing your articles to become known, sought after and more successful.

"Your manual helped me double traffic to my web site in just 2 months! I've published 23 books and hundreds of articles on leadership, but until I read your manual, I didn't have a comprehensive system for using them to get free publicity and to generate leads. Your manual showed me how to structure a marketing campaign using my articles on the web. An outstanding marketing tool."
Brent Filson, Action Leadership

What’s the best way to grow your business?

By getting free publicity. Get lots of attention for practically nothing and help hundreds of thousands of people understand why they need you and how you can help them. If you want to make sure your target market has heard of you, you can use the essentially no cost strategies I'll detail for you in Opening Doors with Your Articles, to get all the attention you want.

If you're an independent professional or run your own business, you are an expert. Whether it’s law, accounting, medicine, massage, loans, investments, design or travel, you have the knowledge to:

  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Use articles to create a flood of prospects to your door.

It’s a fact: people trust what they read in articles more than what they see in an ad. Writing articles is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert and attract prospects to your door, if you do it correctly.

"Highly recommended to any author or anyone using articles to promote themselves. This strategy produces results! Using the marketing publicity approach detailed in ‘Opening Doors with Your Articles’, I’m getting more hits to my web site and selling more books as well as helping my clients sell more books."
Randy Gilbert, Host of The Inside Success Show

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Opening Doors with Your Articles shows you what you need to do to leverage your knowledge to create a flood of new business. Use the marketing publicity strategies detailed in this report and in a short time you’ll see hundreds of new prospects contacting you each week and an increasing number of prospects interested in your services.

In addition, you’ll find people calling and emailing you about speaking engagements, republishing rights and using your services.

Joe"I strongly suggest anyone wanting to do well online get this manual right now. The easiest way to make a name for yourself online, to build your own mailing list, and to drive people to your site is by distributing articles to ezines. Those ezines can make you rich and famous, or at least well known and well off. Here, at last, is a brief training manual telling you how to do it."
Joe Vitale, Author Spiritual Marketing

How well does this low-cost marketing strategy work?

In 1999, I spent two weeks putting together a web site that reviewed and ranked search engines. To draw traffic to the site, I started writing updates on the latest search engines and their rankings. I sent these briefings to a short list of online editors I had compiled. A few articles later, I'd appeared in U.S.A. Today, Fast Company magazine and a host of other publications. Shortly thereafter I was contacted about selling the site and my expertise.

Simply by writing a handful of articles and sharing my knowledge, I grew my business and sold it for a dramatic profit. Whatever your long-term objectives for your business, you too can profit from this approach to gaining publicity if you know what you need to do and how to do it.

I currently write articles on marketing and distribute them to the 35+ sites provided in Opening Doors with Your Articles and my ultimate list of 800+ online and offline publications.

This free publicity strategy has helped me:

  • Attract over 11,000 new subscribers to my ezine in one year (7/03-7/04). Yes that's over 900 new subscribers each month who want me to contact them and help them become better marketers.
  • Increase the number of visitors to my web site by 400% to over six hundred unique visitors per day (12/04) and growing.
  • Have my articles published in hundreds of online and offline publications. Some of my more popular articles have been featured in literally over two hundred publications.
  • Become a regular columnist in 'Sales and Service Excellence', 'Money 'N Profits' and 'Home Business'.
  • Generate thousands of sales of my eManuals.
  • Prompt hundreds of people to contact me each week about my marketing services.

My colleague, Michael Angier, using the same strategy, has increased subscription to his newsletter by tens of thousands in the last two years and each week 100 new subscribers join SuccessNet.

Listen to Howard

Howard Lisech"It got me going, writing and submitting articles. I really liked this book; it helped move me from a paralyzed situation of just having too much to do to disciplining myself to generate more sales leads. Recommended to anyone in sales and marketing."

Howard Lisech, Owner, Deeper Roots Publication, Orlando, FL

All this essentially free publicity for your business has many benefits

I have thousands of qualified prospects who I know are interested in my ideas and my services, and this list grows each week. I don’t have to spend a fortune on paying for targeted leads of questionable value, and I get lots of requests for my services. As a result of writing and distributing our articles both Michael and I are gaining more clients and helping more people be successful.

In Opening Doors with Your Articles, I’ve laid out the step-by-step process you can use to generate massive publicity for yourself and your business. Stop trying to push your information and credentials out, and instead use your knowledge to pull in prospects and clients.

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Get Opening Doors with Your Articles and discover:

  • What types of articles attract your prospects and clients
  • Which words to use in your titles to pull in people, including free online tools you can use to research keywords to use
  • How to leverage your knowledge to position yourself as an expert
  • How to use your articles to motivate prospects to contact you. Neglect this step and your efforts will be a waste of time.
  • How to submit your articles online including the essential formatting rules you must apply.
  • Common article submission mistakes to avoid.
  • Where to submit your articles. To get you started, a list of 35 sites and the best announcement groups that want your content are included.

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Opening Doors : Your Investment only $39

You can download this Manual - in PDF format - immediately.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
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view manual contents

"Very helpful! Charlie, I like its easy to read format."
Anne Taylor, Languages For All

What's in the manual Opening Doors with Your Articles

1. How to attract prospects and clients with articles

  • Why most publishers want your articles

2. How to write articles your prospects want

  • Picking a topic
  • How to select your article’s title

3. What you need to do to motivate prospects to contact you

  • Your resource box
  • Your free offer

4. How to prepare your article for distribution

  • How to format your article
  •  Spam proofing your articles

5. Submitting your article for publication

  • Sending your article
  • Where to submit your article online

6. How to leverage your writing for profit

Click Here To Order Now >>
Opening Doors : Your Investment only $39

You can download this Manual - in PDF format - immediately.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Have a Question? Problem? Call 1-800-795-1858 or send email


Opening Doors with Your Articles is a pdf file you can open, read and print immediately.

It’s Up to You

You can continue to struggle to grow your business or you can put yourself in the limelight, and get all the attention you want using your expertise.

Still not sure?

I guarantee that if you apply this marketing strategy, you'll find many more prospects contacting you. If, for whatever reason, you're not happy, contact me and I’ll refund your investment in the 'Opening Doors with Your Articles' manual.

Before you order

Ultimate listDo you want to see your articles appear in hundreds of publications? Send your articles to over 800 online and offline publications to dramatically increase your marketing reach. Get the Ultimate Article Distribution List with Opening Doors for Your Articles. Click here >> to find out more about this huge list of publications.

Ready to Order and Attract More Prospects and Clients?

Yes, I want to become known as an expert in my field and attract many more prospects and clients. Just click on the order button to be transferred to our secure order processing page. Make sure to click the right button for either The Ultimate Article Distribution List (includes the Opening Doors with Your Articles manual) or just the Opening Doors with Your Articles manual.

Once you place your order you will be provided with download information immediately. Make sure to download the manual promptly.

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If you order the manual only, you won't get The Ultimate Article Distribution List of over 800 publications looking for content. (Of course, you can always order it later.)

About Charlie Cook and Michael Angier

Opening Doors with Your Articles is written in Charlie Cook’s easy-to-read style just like the newsletters and books he’s been publishing and writing for years. Charlie and his articles have been featured in USA Today, Fast Company magazine, Career Source, Creative Management and hundreds of other publications.

In this case, Charlie’s work has been augmented by input from frequent author and sought-after speaker, Michael Angier of Success Networks. Michael's work has been featured in numerous publications such as USA Today, Selling Power, Home Business Magazine, Executive Excellence, Opportunity World and Sales & Marketing Excellence, as well as dozens of electronic publications.

Both Charlie and Michael help business owners grow their businesses and achieve success.


Looking for lots of free publicity to build your business?

Want a strategy to get a lot more attention and many more clients? This is for you.
Charlie Cook

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