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Discover How to Become a Master of Business Networking To Increase Your Profits

You'll Add Thousands of People to Your Personal 24/7 Sales Force Without Spending a Dime.


You could be building your business network
one person at a time or you could use this simple formula to grow your referral network by tens of thousands of people practically overnight.

Discover the easiest way to make it rain referrals.

"Unbelievable results. I'm getting so many referrals I've had to shut down other marketing efforts until I can hire on more staff. I couldn't be more pleased."
Jared Winter, Super Incentives

"A must for entrepreneurs. I love it! Not only do people 'get it' when I explain what I do, they remember me when I follow up."
LaVasha Lobbins, Real Estate Services

"Absolutely recommended. I'm getting a great response. Very helpful!"
Mary Madon Dailey, Client Centered Marketing

How Does Tom Do It?

When Tom meets someone new, he makes sure to tell them he is a lawyer and a mediator. Recently he was introduced to Mary, a potential client. He started telling Mary where he went to college and where he got his law degree. Then he told her about his twenty-five years working for the U.S. Justice Department and the courses he teaches at Georgetown.

When he finished describing his background, Tom talked about some of the more prominent cases he has been involved in. Then he detailed the book he is writing.

After twenty minutes or so, Tom asked Mary what she does. Mary’s response was that she handles labor negotiations for her Fortune 500 company. Tom thanked her and after exchanging cards they parted.

What’s wrong with this approach to networking?


If you want to be successful in finding a job you need a business networking strategy that helps thousands of people know what you do and how you can help them. Using the approach Tom is applying you might add a hundred new contacts a year to your via a networking group or people you meet to you network, but you’d be lucky if any or them sought you out for your skills.

Wouldn't you like to grow your business network by thousands or tens of thousands a year?

Think about how much easier would it be to get that plum job or to find sales opportunities for your products and services if you had a network of ten to thirty thousand people?

Using the business networking strategy detailed in this eManual, I’ve added over ten thousand people to my network in the last year. They all know what I do and how I can help them. Has this increased my profits? You bet it has!

How to Grow Your Network and Increase Your Opportunities

  • You need an elevator speech or marketing message that lets people know how you can help them.
  • You need to know how to motivate prospects and potential employers to contact you.
  • You need a strategy for making sure everyone in your business network remembers you when they need you.

Discover how to grow your network by thousands if not tens of thousands of people a year with Next Step Business Networking. This training manual is filled with the knowledge you need to be more successful, whether you are a service professional, small business owner, or working your way up the corporate ladder.

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Using Next Step Networking you can:

  • Explain what you do in 15 seconds or less
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Make a great first impression on the phone or in person or in networking groups
  • Prompt people to continue the conversation with you
  • Motivate people to read the rest of your print or web marketing materials
  • Prompt people to contact you when they need your expertise or products, or know someone else who needs them.

Whether you are a service professional, small business owner or looking for a job, Next Step Networking is a must read.

  • If people don’t know how you can help them, they won’t hire you. Using Next Step Networking strategies you’ll have a succinct way of explaining what you do that will prompt prospects and employers and members of your networking group to remember you.
  • If only a handful of people know you, you won’t have many opportunities to move your career or business forward. Next Step Networking shows you how to help thousands of people discover the benefits of working with you.
  • If you don’t get as many referrals as you’d like, or people forget you when they have a need, you won’t get that new job or next sale. With Next Step Networking you’ll learn how to help people remember which problems you solve.

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Next Step Networking includes 15 Second Marketing: Creating a brilliant marketing message.

You can download this Manual - in PDF format - immediately.
100% Money-Back Guarantee Information

You Need Next Step Networking if you want:

  • To increase the number of people who can help you find your next job.
  • To grow the number of people interested in your products and services.
  • People to remember you weeks, months and years after you’ve first made contact.
  • More people to contact you about your expertise.
  • To increase your sales and profits.

If you are like most people, your networking isn’t creating as many new opportunities as you’d like and you need a better networking strategy.


Next Step Networking is written to give you the most useful networking tool you’ll ever have. Once you read and apply it, you’ll create many more business opportunities every day.

This concise manual is written for people who are interested in improving their networking today. It doesn’t require months of study or sifting through hundreds of pages of fluff. You’ll be able to put it to work immediately.

After you place your order, you’ll be able to download and print the pdf file immediately. You will have an easy-to-understand and easy to use tool to develop your own highly effective networking strategy. You can read Next Step Networking in a couple of hours and start putting Next Step Networking to use to be more successful.


Of course it is 100% guaranteed. Order it, read it, and if you’re not convinced it was worth the investment, upon your request we’ll graciously provide a complete refund.

Click Here To Order Now >> Just $49
Next Step Networking
includes 15 Second Marketing: Creating a brilliant marketing message.

You can download this Manual - in PDF format - immediately.
100% Money-Back Guarantee Information

Includes Detailed Steps to Guide You in Creating a Brilliant Marketing Message

A brilliant marketing message is a one-sentence description of how and whom you help. It describes the value you provide to clients. It instantly gives people a clear idea of whether they need your services or products or whether they know someone else who might.

When you use your brilliant marketing message, it prompts interest and questions and starts a conversation. Your brilliant marketing message unlocks the door so you can explore whether your services and products overlap with your prospects’ needs and wants.

A brilliant marketing message helps you avoid getting labeled or stereotyped. Instead, you’ll find people asking how you do what you do and quickly identifying people who could use your services.

You will discover:

  • How to craft your own brilliant marketing message.
  • Where to use your marketing message to attract more clients.
  • What to do once you’ve got your prospects’ attention with your brilliant marketing message.

When you have a brilliant marketing message, more prospects will contact you directly and more people will refer clients to you. It’s easier for people to recommend you when they can use your brilliant marketing message to describe how you help your clients.

Get the Next Step Networking manual and use this essential tool to create more opportunities right away.

Click Here To Order Now >> Just $49 
Next Step Networking
includes 15 Second Marketing: Creating a brilliant marketing message.

You can download this Manual - in PDF format - immediately.
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Table of Contents

Your Winning Networking Strategy: Networking As Personal Marketing

  • Catch More Clients With Strategic Networking
  • It’s Not Only Who You Know – It’s Who Knows You
  • Six Key Elements of Networking for Success
  • Creating an Opportunity Producing Machine
  • Which Networking Tools Do You Need?
  • Networking Assessment

Creating a Brilliant Marketing Message

  • Explaining What You Do in 15 Seconds
  • Is Your Marketing Message Holding You Back?

Writing Your Marketing Message

  • Defining Value to Clients and Employers
  • Selecting Words That Attract Opportunities
  • 7 Steps to Crafting Your Marketing Message
  • Characteristics of Brilliant Marketing Messages
  • Better Marketing Messages Samples
  • Putting Your Marketing Message Together

Using Your Marketing Message

  • Testing Your Marketing Message
  • When not to use your marketing message
  • Where To Use Your Marketing Message
  • Using Your Business Card to Increase Opportunities
  • Guerrilla Networking To Get Work
  • Open the Door to More Business with Your Ideas
  • More Networking Opportunities

Following Up on Your Networking

  • Getting the next 15 minutes
  • What To Do After You Use Your Marketing Message
  • Building Profitable Relationships
  • Dumping Your Sales Pitch To Increase Sales
  • Practicing Using Your Marketing Message

About the Author

Next Step Networking is written in Charlie Cook's well-organized, easy to read and prescriptive style. Like his newsletters and other marketing manuals, it’s full of ideas and clear steps to follow to help you grow your business.

Thousands of copies of Charlie’s training manuals have been bought and used by executives, managers and trainers at companies that include Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing. His marketing articles have appeared in hundreds of online and print publications, including regular columns in "Sales and Service Excellence" and "Money n' Profits".

Charlie is president of In Mind Communications, LLC. For the past twenty years he has been consulting with business owners and senior managers to help them manage their time, attract more clients and grow their businesses.

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If you want to build your business network, this is for you.
Charlie Cook

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