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Discover the fastest way to increase your sales
by 200%... 300%... even 500%!"

"Finally A Proven Way To Supercharge Your Selling Ability So You Get More Clients, Close More Sales, And Make More With Less Effort - Results 100% Guaranteed Or You Pay Nothing!"

Warning! Don't try to close another sale without these techniques.

Within minutes you could be using these advanced marketing and secret selling strategies to melt prospects’ resistance and repeatedly sell them more of your products and services at full price!

The Insider Secrets to
Eliminating Obstacles to Sales

by Charlie Cook

Finally, a reference guide that will
supercharge your selling ability so you pull in
more clients, eliminate resistance to sales and make more with less effort.

If you own any kind of Small Business, how would you like to finally stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work…and instead have a system in place that will generate highly-qualified leads for your business? Have your own “customer faucet” that will predictably and reliably “pop out” new, highly-qualified prospects for your business, day-in, day out…without spending a fortune on advertising? And at the drop of a hat be able to create a “cash flow surge”?

Sales Professionals…what if you never had to make another cold call? Imagine only spending your time with prospects whose interest level is a “9” on a scale of 1 to 10…all they want to know is “how do we get started”?  End the pathetic “begging for an appointment” routine and “getting past the gatekeeper” nonsense that bogs down your time and stifles your commissions…instead have prospects look to you as a trusted advisor, eagerly asking when you can come to see them?

Marketing or Sales Managers…imagine being seen as (ad subsequently paid as) the hero of the company when the “brilliant” marketing campaign you create becomes what the boss sees as “the key to our business turnaround” All of a sudden your salespeople are closing tons more sales…with no expensive sales training seminars or “Ra-Ra Sessions” required.

Did you know that most buyers are better at closing the sale than the salesperson themselves?

Want to take advantage of this to get your prospects to sell themselves?

"In the first month using Charlie's
marketing ideas we increased sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Listen to Mike

"Over the last couple of years these ideas
have helped us make 10-20 times that. Highly recommended."

Mike Trowbridge, VP Marketing,
Fairfield Resort

Admit It – Selling is a Drag
That Is…If You’re Doing it The “Usual” Way

I’d bet a dollar to a donut that you’re totally frustrated with the entire “sales” process right now. What am I so confident? Because most business owners, salespeople, marketing & sales managers spend virtually every day “duking it out” with prospects and hearing phrases like this:

  • “We’re NOT Interested…”
  • “This isn’t the right time…”
  • “Your price it too high…”
  • “I just can’t get the boss to approve it…”

Doesn’t it just get under your skin to hear this stuff day-in and day-out?

Especially when you know that you have a great product or service that would do your prospects a world of good if they just tried it. It almost makes every day spent tangling with prospects feel like you spent the day pushing spaghetti uphill with your nose – not much progress being made.

Now, you may pride yourself on being a well-trained Selling Professional who “thrives” on overcoming objections. Maybe they call you the “closer”, “the rainmaker” or “the cold call king”…and you’re making a lot of money as a result. Consider this…

What if didn’t have to deal with objections like this anymore? How much MORE money would you be making if you spent all day talking to people who were ready to buy from you instead of “tangling”.

What if you could make twice the money in half the time? So instead of “being knee-to-knee” with customers all the time, maybe you could be “butt to sand” on a beach somewhere – taking some well-deserved time off!

So how do you get to this point? Well here’s where most salespeople and companies get it all wrong…

Let me ask you…wouldn’t it just be easier if you ALWAYS talked to highly-qualified prospects instead?

How much time and effort would you save if instead of asking all those “probing questions” and fancy “closes” – and instead you were just dealing with prospects who were pre-sold on doing business with you?

I mean…if you had a turn-key system in place that drew highly-qualified prospects to your business (people who are at least a “9” on a scale of 1 to 10) then why would you even need a sales trainer?

Sound too good to be true? Sound like it’s just too easy? It’s not – if you know what you’re doing…

"Over $200,000 in additional sales!"

"These ideas were easy to apply, smoothed out our sales process and as a result our closure rate is up. It paid for itself many times over and I'd recommend it to anyone in marketing and sales. "
Bill Orser, President, www.Safeplay Systems

"The best manual on sales I've ever read."

"It's packed with the most powerful selling ideas I've ever tried and they're working to grow my business. A must for any small business owner of entrepreneur. "

Betsy Craz,

It’s What the Sales Trainers Don’t Know About Marketing
That’s Keeping You From Making REAL Money!

The problem with most sales training is starting from the vantage point that your company does NOT have an effective marketing plan. Which is true…most companies DON’T have a systematic, sure-fire way to draw highly-qualified prospects to their doors like bees to honey.

Instead, most companies fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to marketing and either don’t do ANYTHING to attract highly-qualified, interested prospects to their business…so they simply lean on their salespeople to “get out there and make calls”.

Or if they do any advertising, they use the “brand-building” or “image” advertising to attempt get prospects to call…and it simply doesn’t work. So they end up saying things like “marketing and advertising doesn’t work”….so they are forced to go back to the archaic, cold-call grunt work.

So ask yourself…what would you rather do? Spend your time learning all the latest “closes” and churning through dud after dud trying to occasionally find highly-qualified prospects…or would you rather just have the good ones come to you?

How Looking For a Better, Easier Way Made Me a Million Bucks Without Even Trying

My name is Charlie Cook. I'm one of those people who is always looking for a better, easier way. I’ll give you an example…Back in the '90s I launched my first web site. When a month or so later it wasn't showing in the search engines, I started researching how the search engines rank sites and how to put my sites at the top. Each time I found an idea I tested it and looked for ways to make it work even better.

The result was a web site that reviewed and ranked search engines. My reference web site “” was featured on National Public Radio, in “Fast Company” magazine, as well as in “USA Today” and ranked in the top 100 web sites by “PC Magazine.”

I sold this site for hundreds of times what it cost me to ZDNet, the largest technology content provider on the internet.The funny thing is…I never intended the site for profit!

So, seeing how my research abilities had led me to a big discovery about search engines – a discovery that later I was able to sell it for a huge profit, I then set my sights on answering the age-old question…

Isn’t There a Better Way to Clear The Hurdles to Sales and
Make Selling a Heckuva Lot Easier?

I’ve been selling most of my life. I don’t have a problem with it, per se…but I’m not different from most salespeople in what I really want. Rather than spend my time dealing with tire-kickers and “lookie-loo’s”, I would rather be selling to people who are ready and able to buy my services, at the price I want to charge.

To make this happen for myself and for other businesses, I knew there were some major hurdles that needed to be overcome…

In my research I discovered the biggest obstacles to sales that practically ALL businesses face. See if one of these (or all of them) apply to your business:

  • Limited Promotional Budget
  • Ads That Don’t Sell
  • Web Sites That Don’t Generate Leads
  • Prospects Who Aren’t Ready To Buy or Think Your Prices are Too High

I came to the conclusion that practically ALL businesses needed a turn-key, simple & easy system to eliminate these problems once and for all - and finally “pave the path” to higher profits and sales…

"A great road map to follow to
market my business."

"Unlike most marketing and sales books I’ve read that include ideas
that require lots of money or people to implement, the ideas in the Insider Secrets to Eliminating Obstacles to Sales are straightforward and I can implement myself. Highly recommended to anyone who wants more sales."

Jared Winger,
Super Incentives

It Took Me 20 Years To Perfect a System That Will Predictably and Reliably Pull In a Steady Stream of Clients and Profits

Over the last 20 years I've researched and tested a set of marketing principles, a marketing strategy and a way of attracting clients and growing businesses. The result is a marketing and sales system which can help you pull in a steady stream of clients and profits – like a customer faucet that you can turn up or down AT WILL.


The Insider Secrets to
Eliminating The Obstacles
to Sales

Melt Prospects’ Resistance
and Sell More

Discover the exact techniques I’ve taught my clients to generate over Million of Dollars in sales!

Eliminate Your Prospects’ Resistance…
So Much That They Sell Themselves

Your prospects are absolutely bombarded by marketing messages on a daily basis. In the U.S., we’ve gotten so used to “tuning out” the 15,000 advertisements that we see every day that most of us have grown a “thick skin” that’s practically impenetrable to being sold.

The Secret Strategies I share in ‘The Insider Secrets to  Eliminating Obstacles to Sales’ will not only show you how to break through that thick layer of resistance to sales…but will actually get them to sell themselves on your products and services.

You’ll Sell More with Less Effort

Every salesperson has heard the old adage “people hate to be sold…but they love to buy”. Now just think of how easy it would be if your customers understood that you’re not really selling them – you’re just helping them get what they want.

Once you understand how to structure your marketing so that it answers the question “how are you going to give me exactly what I really want?” their resistance will melt away and they’ll become loyal clients. I show you how to do this step-by-step in ‘The Insider Secrets to  Eliminating Obstacles to Sales’. This is a process that very few, if any sales trainers really understand, but you’ll have my complete system in your hands, ready to apply immediately.

"In the first month using
Charlie's marketing ideas we increased sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars."
Laurie Nadel, Ph.D

You’ll be amazed at how much easier and more fun it is to sell. Not only that, but your prospects will greatly appreciate how you helped them get what they want!

Here’s What You WON’T Have to Do:

  • You WON’T Have to Spend More Money on Advertising - most of the selling strategies I show you in won’t cost you a dime. Just replace your ineffective advertising with proven, results-driven marketing and watch your sales soar
  • You WON’T Have to Work Harder – when you spend your time talking to your new, highly-qualified prospects, you’ll find that sales are a breeze…because most of the prospects you talk to will already be pre-disposed to doing business with you
  • You WON’T Have to Reinvent the Wheel – no need to spend a lifetime struggling to find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve already invested the time and money to find out what works so you don’t have to. Just plug-and-play and you can be seeing higher sales and profits in a matter of weeks – not years.

Here’s a “Sneak Peek” Inside the Marketing and Sales “Master Course” that it’s taken me 20 Years to learn and perfect in ‘The Insider Secrets to  Eliminating Obstacles to Sales’:

  • How to never do another sales pitch and yet still have all the prospects you can handle.
  • Why everything you’ve been told about “asking for the order” is WRONG and the amazing questioning technique that allows you to never have to “close” anyone againyet make more sales as a result.
  • The Simple 4-Step Sequence that will reduce the amount of time wasted on unproductive sales calls, increase your conversion rate and make you more money.
  • An actual example of a winning “auto-pilot” marketing sequence that coverts leads into prospects, prospects into buyers, and buyers into life-long customers…all requiring little or no personal interaction with the customer! This is TOP SECRET information that most business owners would never want revealed…yours for the taking.
  • The 4 most common objections that ALL salespeople hear and how to squash them before the prospect ever mentions them
  • A proven system for closing the people who are ready to buy now, harvesting the ones who will be ready in a few weeks, and at the same time not letting the long-term ones get away
  • The #1 Obstacle that is stifling your sales that you MUST address NOW if you ever want to make more money…and the 4 Simple Steps you can take immediately to eliminate this profit-killing obstacle forever.
  • What to do when you know you have the best product or service in the market - but you just can’t seem to get enough qualified prospects to show an interest in it. One simple change in your marketing can change everything.
  • Why what you think that you’re selling and what you’re customers are really buying is DEAD WRONG…and how removing this barrier in your message can magically make prospects hungry to do business with you 
  • Why picking up the phone, running an ad campaign, sending out brochures, touting your credentials, building a website that asks people to buy actually repels prospects and decreases sales…
  • …and the simple technique that costs a lot less money; builds you up as an expert in your field while you have FUN doing it – that will cause prospects standing in line to give you money
  • The shocking reason why most businesses are losing more than 80% of their potential buyers even after they’ve done a great job of getting attention – and how to fix this giant “hole in the bucket”…in less than 24 hours.
  • The 7 Critical Components of a Marketing System for ANY business will bring a steady flow of new prospects and clients every month. WARNING: skipping even ONE of these components will severely handicap the entire system and sabotage your efforts!
  • 3 Deadly Sins that practically ALL companies commit that create serious barriers to sales – and the simple and easy way to eliminate them in less than a week and see your sales skyrocket
  • The 3 Categories of “Underlying Concerns’ that virtually ALL objections fall into and how to quickly identify and address them so they don’t become last-minute deal-breakers
  • Why not speaking the same “marketing language” as your potential client is costing you – and how you can change your message in the blink of an eye to increase your sales…without changing anything about what you’re actually selling
  • 10 Simple Tried-and-True, No-Cost or Low-Cost Ways to increase credibility with your prospects that will set you apart from your competition, build trust and establish you as the go-to expert in your field.
  •  4 Steps to Position Yourself in the market and still outsell your competition…even while charging higher prices
  • 27 Questions you can ask current clients to generate red-hot testimonials in seconds – that you can use for years to come in your marketing efforts…catapulting your sales and establishing your credibility more than anything else you could do
  • 9 Tips for making testimonial calls that will get your clients to say what you really want them to say…without being pushy
  • How to collect incredibly persuasive audio testimonials for your website automatically – (where you never even have to talk to your clients)…and the reason why your clients will be lining up do it. This one tip could be worth to you than the entire cost of this course.
  • The one place on your website where you never want to place testimonials – making this mistake may be costing you thousands of dollars right now
  • 7 Strategic Places to use testimonials in your marketing that you never thought of that could double or triple your sales (HINT: your competition will never do this)
  • The 5 Exact Moments to ask clients for referrals that will assure you get most enthusiastic response
  • A secret technique for asking for referrals that will increase your chances 200% to 300% that you will get referred to a super-hot highly-qualified lead…regardless of who you’re asking
  • 9 Essential Components for a Press Release that’s virtually guaranteed to get attention from the Press and get you tons of free publicity
  • The secret method for submitting your Press Release that hardly anyone uses that will get a 50% better response or more
  • 6 Components of a Media Kit that will make Radio Talk Shows want to book you
  • The Key to Turning free publicity into CASH for your business. WARNING: not doing this simple step will make even the highest-exposure publicity worthless to your business!
  • How to formulate a series of key questions for your prospects that will increase your sales…and let you spend less time selling
  • How to quote your prices in a way that your clients will gladly pay you your full fee and not ask you to negotiate a lower price…even if you’re the highest priced provider in the market
  • How to make your clients feel like their getting a good deal and at the same time make 200% to 500% higher profits
  • How to never scare away customers with “sticker shock”…even if you’re selling an extremely high-priced item
  • How to melt resistance of even the tightest boss to spending money on marketing and get you more qualified leads…and make higher commissions as a result
  • How to immediately improve the conversion rate of the sales copy on any ad, direct mail piece, brochure, website, and Yellow Pages Ad – without hiring an expensive copywriter
  • A real-life example of how one simple text change on a website increased inquiries about their services over 300% almost overnight…and how you can do the same
  • How to turn a website from just being an ineffective “online brochure” that’s just taking up cyberspace…into a lead-generating, prospect-closing money-making tool for ANY business selling to ANY market
  • The secret to having prospects who’ve never talked to you before think that they know you and enthusiastically accept your calls
  • Why your prospects are “leaking through the bucket” and going to your competitors before you ever get the chance to talk to them…and how to fix it this major problem and watch your sales soar
  • How to turn the “perceived weaknesses” with you or your company into actual strengths and squash objections before they even come up
  • The Secret to Repeat Business – the simple strategy for getting more people to buy from you in the months and the years to come
  • 4 simple things that you MUST do every week and every month that will assure that you have an endless supply of quality prospects for your business
  • 8 Critical Questions to ask yourself today to know exactly what marketing idea you should apply first to maximize your time and your money…while not getting overwhelmed

As you can see, I’ve held nothing back. It’s all there – all 20 years of my very best marketing techniques condensed into 139 pages of PROVEN methods that will MASSIVELY increase sales for ANY business – GUARANTEED.

"Our referrals are rolling in!"

Listen to Craig

"The best investment I have ever made. I would recommend these sales ideas in a heartbeat."

Craig Nash,
Progressive Rehab

First Let Me Ask You…Are You An Implementer?

A) You’re a businessperson or salesperson who is deadly serious about changing the way you do business forever and you will DO whatever it takes to making selling easier and make more money starting tomorrow – if you just knew what to do and how to do it. Once you find something that works you’re like a locomotive on greased tracks getting it done…


B) You “act like” a businessperson or salesperson who is serious about change…until you realize that change will actually require you to DO something different than what you’ve always done. You read books and listen to CD’s, but in the end you just keep doing things the same ol’ way.

Frankly, if you’re a “B” person, I can’t help you. In fact, nobody can. If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep on getting what you’re getting. It’s that simple. If you don’t plan on actually implementing what you learn from this system, trust me – this is NOT for you.

If you’ve read this far, I would think you are an “A” person. If that’s true, this is going to be the most important information you’ve ever applied to your business – but only if you act on it and implement it.  When you do, I will look forward to adding your story to my “Wall of Fame” to the list at the left very soon.

So What Should The Investment Be For a Proven System
That Will Systematically Generate Highly-Qualified Prospects To Your Business Like Clockwork…Allowing You To
Close More Sales With Less Effort

The small business owners and marketing professionals that have applied these strategies and techniques to eliminate obstacles to sales have seen their incomes double and triple. Imagine if you could increase your annual income by a minimum of $20,000. (Most people see their incomes grow by a lot more than this.) That’s at least $100,000 more than you would have made over the next 5 years.

So for this kind of payoff…what should you be required to invest?

If you called me right now for private coaching for a month, my fee would be thousands of dollars per month (plus you would be put on a waiting list). But the fact is, even with private coaching I would be teaching you to implement are the same techniques that are in this book.

That’s why I asked you before if you are an implementer. Can you read something that is proven to work and then put it into practice…without needing to be coached one-on-one? If so, you can get the same stellar results in your business with this book…and save tens of thousands of dollars you would have to pay me to coach you one-on-one. Plus, there’s no waiting list.

Since the book is available for immediate download, by taking action now, you could be reading it in the next 5 minutes and implementing the strategies by tomorrow while your printed copy and the cds are being shipped to you.

Plus, if you take action now, you will also get $379 worth of these FREE bonuses:

Free Bonus #1: 30 Minute Coaching Certificate

Get one-on-one assistance with your sales scripts.
Get feedback on your conversion strategies.
Receive expert advice on the most important thing you can do to increase sales.

Note: This bonus will only be part of this offer for a limited time. Given demands on my time, I can only offer it to a limited number of clients. If you order today you can get it. If you wait, there is a good chance it will be gone.
(Value $310.00)

Free Bonus #2: 25 Ways to Get More Return Calls

Find out the one thing not to say.
Discover how to motivate prospects to pick up the phone and call.
Learn which types of questions to ask and which to avoid.
(Value $29.00)

Free Bonus #3: The Secret to Getting the Clients You Want

How to target your marketing to save time and increase sales.
Should you market to more prospects or less?
What to do with problem clients.
(Value $20.00)

Free Bonus #4: Winning Client Meetings

How to plan meetings that result in sales.
What information to share with prospects.
How to follow up to increase your profits.
(Value $20.00)

So Let’s Recap All That You Get:

Eliminating Obstacles to Sales Reg. Price   $297.00
30 Minute Coaching Certificate    Reg. Price $310.00
25 Ways to Get More Return Calls   Reg. Price $29.00
The Secret to Getting the Clients You Want  Reg. Price $20.00
Winning Client Meetings            Reg. Price $20.00
Print, Audio and Digital Versions       No Extra Charge
  Reg. Price $676.00

  Limited-Time Offer Price: Only $197
(you save $479 by ordering today)

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You'll be protected by my three-part guarantee

Like all of my marketing books, this one is packed full of ideas you can immediately put to use and pay back your investment within days. I know you’ll quickly see what a great investment you’ve made in yourself and your future.

My reputation is at stake with each copy of the Insider Secrets to Eliminating Obstacles to Sales, to make your buying decision a no-brainer here's my Three Part No Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

Three-Part Guarantee

Part 1: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
No explanation needed. Just say you want a refund, return the report and I’ll give it to you - no questions asked.

Part 2: 100% Return On Investment
My usual 30 day unconditional money back guarantee has been extended to 90 days for this report. That way you’ll have plenty of time to dive in and thoroughly check out the selling secrets my report contains. And, if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not “blown away” by its contents, simply return the report with a note to me at my address below… and… I’ll send you a full and fast refund on every dime you paid. No excuse needed. No questions or hassles.

Part 3: Charlie's-Out-Of-His-Mind Unbeatable Guarantee
If you don't more than triple the cost of your investment in one year, I'll refund you your money and pay you $200 out of my own pocket. That's right. If you apply these strategies, I personally guarantee that you'll more than triple your investment within the year. I'm giving you hundreds of ideas you can put to use right away and it should be simple for you to triple the cost of your investment.

My report either delivers on everything I’ve told you about on this website… or… it’s your’s to keep… for free!

Yes, I'll send you a 100% refund and $200 check.

Just send me proof that you tried at least 5 out of the 100s of ideas in the course, as well as proof of the results you achieved showing the gain in sales (or lack thereof) and I'll refund your purchase price in full and pay you $200 and you get to keep the report.

You don't have to use the strategies in this course to get the refund, just to get an additional $200 check and keep it for free.

If you don't completely agree that this course and the ideas in it are worth thousands of dollars in potential profits, or if you just decide not to use it at all... you can return it at any time and get a full refund or the purchase price.

This guarantee is written for the 99.5% of people who are honest, but wisely skeptical -- not for the one or two people who will try to take advantage of it to get the course without paying.

How can we offer an incredible 3 part guarantee like this? The ideas and strategies in it are so good that only a few people have ever taken advantage of it.

As you can see in our testimonials, most people see their profits grow so fast when they start applying these strategies they are delighted and wouldn't send back the course if you paid them thousands of dollars.

You may have looked at other marketing and sales courses that offer a guarantee. Some even include a "100% money-back guarantee". But so what? You're still taking the risk when you place your order. When you purchase the Insider Secrets to Eliminating Obstacles to Sales, I'm the one taking the risk. If it doesn't deliver, I'm the one who ends up out-of-pocket, not you.

Fair Enough? Click Here To Claim Your Copy >>

"I achieved a 50% conversion rate
on my sales calls."

"Charlie's ideas and practical knowledge have been incredibly helpful."

Suzanne Falter-Barns,
Get Known Now

So as you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of dollars to gain by implementing the strategies that I’ve laid out for you step-by-step in this manual.

The Last Sales & Marketing Manual You Will Ever Need

Just imagine how fun selling will be when you’re spending practically all of your time talking to qualified prospects that are pre-disposed to doing business with you…the confidence you’ll enjoy knowing that your marketing is doing all the “sifting and sorting” behind the scenes, freeing up your time to do the important stuff…like closing sales effortlessly and putting tons of money in your bank account.

Envision the freedom that comes with knowing that your marketing is pulling in new business for you night-and-day…getting referrals for you…upselling customers for you…building relationships for you and more – trust me - there’s nothing that compares to this feeling…NOTHING.

The only thing standing between you and this kind of “easy street selling” is taking action and implementing what you learn immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with the “The Insider Secrets to Eliminating The Obstacles to Sales” System today.

This bonus will only be part of this offer for a limited time. Given demands on my time, I can only offer it to a limited number of clients.

Your business will never be the same. I guarantee it.

Interested? Click Here To Claim Your Copy >>

"I know you'll find ideas you can use to make selling both fun and profitable in this manual."


Charlie Cook

P.S. Remember, for a limited time, by taking action today, you’ll get the “The Insider Secrets to  Eliminating The Obstacles to Sales” ($297.00 value), a 30-Minute One-On-One Coaching Certificate with Charlie Cook ($310.00 value), 25 Ways to Get More Return Calls ($29.00 value), The Secret to Getting the Clients You Want ($20.00 value) Winning Client Meetings ($20.00 value)…all for only $197 – but only for a limited time.

P.P.S. If you think this is “just another sales book”, you’re wrong. This is more than just a run-of-the-mill sales training that teaches a few “closes” here and there. This is a full-scale, proven, Marketing and Sales Integration System that’s taken 20 years for me to tweak and perfect. There’s no other resource on the market that will teach you the secret techniques laid out for you step-by-step in the The Insider Secrets to Eliminating Obstacles to Sales System. Give it a try and join the hundreds of happy business owners and salespeople who have seen their sales double, triple or more by implementing these cutting-edge techniques.

P.P.P.S. The 30 Minute One-on-One Coaching Certificate with Charlie Cook ($310 value) will only be part of this offer for a limited time. Given demands on my time, I can only offer it to a limited number of clients.

Want to Start Closing More Sales? Claim Your Copy >>

"You are a genius."

Judy Cullins,

"One of the best investments
I ever made in my business!"

"It is so good I wouldn't recommend it to my competition although I will be telling all my clients about it. Most marketing and sales books are more about theory. Charlie, because of the way you wrote this small business marketing manual, I can read a chapter on Tuesday and put it into practice on Wednesday. Absolutely improved my business!"
Dionne Carver, Owner,
Accounting Firm

(Total Value $676)
Your cost $197

You save $479 when you order today

What happens if you don’t take action today?

Let me ask you a question. Which will cost you more? Trying these proven marketing and sales strategies to eliminate obstacles to sales or - the amount of business that you’ll lose if you don’t?

Your number one enemy is procrastination. Every day you delay costs you money in lost business. You’ll continue to struggle on your own and miss more and more business opportunities – that is, unless you take action.

If you want to attract more clients and grow your business, you’ll need to take action. It won’t happen by itself.

What will it cost you if you don’t respond today?

The small business owners and marketing professionals that have applied these strategies and techniques to eliminate obstacles to sales have seen their income double and triple. Imagine if you could increase your annual income by a minimum of $20,000. (Most people see their incomes grow by a lot more than this.)

Over the next five years you could lose $100,000 or a whole lot more.

With my risk-free 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. The only way you can lose is letting procrastination be your master.

Discover how to eliminate obstacles to sales and start growing your business and your income today! Join other top marketers and sales people using these techniques. Take action today…

(Total Value $676)
Your cost $197
You save $479 when you order today

Don’t put off this decision and miss another sale.

Have a question, problem or comment? Contact Charlie

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