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Earn Extra Cash by Sharing These Popular Marketing Resources with our Affiliate Program

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How you gain from becoming an affiliate of

When you direct people to and In Mind Communications and they buy anything online from me (even if its months or years later) you receive a commission of 35% on every sale.

For example your earnings on the following items will be:

    15 Second Marketing - $69.65 x 35% = $24.49

    Attracting More & Better Customers Manual - $195 x 35% = $68.25

    Creating Web Sites That Sell - $195 x 35% = $68.25

    The Ultimate Marketing Tools Bundle - $597 x 35% = $208.95

Join the affiliate program now

You don't have to sell anything to earn commissions. All you need to do is direct people to this web site (just tell them about the free marketing plan guide) and recommend any or all of the following best selling marketing manuals.

The most effective way to build your commissions and get people to buy is to suggest they sign up for the free marketing plan guide and More Business marketing newsletter. I'll take over from there sending them out a steady stream of marketing ideas they can use and information about the products I sell. (click here for sample ads)

As soon as anyone you have referred to this site via your affiliate link, makes a purchase, you'll receive a notification by email.

If you've enjoyed my marketing newsletters, benefited from the free marketing ideas , or purchased any of my products, one of the best ways to get people to sign up at is to tell them what you liked. Tell them about the newsletter, free marketing guide, The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers and the other products on this site that can help them grow their businesses and make more money.

Join the affiliate program now

Here's how the affiliate system works

When you sign up you will receive an affiliate link. Use this link on your web site, in an email or in your ezine. When someone clicks on this link, the shopping cart tracking system puts a cookie on the browser of the person visiting When they buy something, that day or any day, the tracking system automatically gives you credit and you'll be notified immediately. When your commissions add up to $50 or more, I'll send you a check at the end of the month.

Once you've become an affiliate member you can promote and my products using your web site, banners, email, your newsletter or even using GoogleAdwords. Just remember not to use SPAM or you will be removed from the program.

How to promote and the and earn commissions

  • Send an email note to your friends and tell them about the site, the free marketing guidebook and marketing newsletter. Include your affiliate link so they can click onto the site.
  • Include a note in your newsletter or ezine along with any positive comments you have about the site, its content and products.
  • Place a banner ad on your web site (you can use the sample provided below).
  • Do all of the above and any other strategies you can think of.

To sign up to be an affiliate (remember it doesn't cost anything, you only stand to gain) just click on this link, fill in the form and follow the instructions sent to you.

When you receive your affiliate instructions make sure to save them along with your affiliate link. Copy it and save it to a folder where you'll be sure to find it.

You can track your sales and commissions by clicking on this link.

Sign up and you'll receive the affiliate link to use on your site or in your email right away in your email.

Target specific products
Just login to your Affiliate Login page with your password and use the "Get Links & Marketing Tools" link, and use the text links provided. Make sure to copy and use the exact links to ensure you get credit for each purchase made by someone you refer.

Thank you for your interest in helping others improve their marketing.


Charlie Cook

P.S. Don't wait to join, you've got nothing to lose. Think about it, how many people do you know, or who read your ezine, email or visit your web site who could improve their marketing? If you are an affiliate you can help them and earn money at the same time.

P.P.S. If you haven't done so already, get a copy of The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers right now. When you understand these principles and the strategies and tactics your own marketing will improve, you'll attract more clients and you will be in a better position to market the products on this site.


Want to make money from all the hard work I've put into creating these best selling marketing tools?

Then sign up as an affiliate and make money just by telling others.
Charlie Cook

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